KTRC is a Katırcıoğlu Brand.

Our company, which was established as a modest family company in the 1960s, continues its commercial life as Katırcıoğlu Demir Çelik with its nearly 50 years of experience in its facilities established in Kayseri and Gebze. Katırcıoğlu Demir Çelik has closely followed all these developments in the recent period when the establishment and specialization processes have accelerated, communication and technology have gained importance and the market has become global and competitive, and has put its steel service center into service in Gebze after Kayseri. Aiming to be a brand in the market with its wide range of products and steel services, our company aims to be a brand in the market with its solution-oriented service understanding, white goods, automotive, elevators, steel doors, heating, cooling and ventilation, furniture, agricultural vehicles and machinery, industrial investments, highway railway traffic signs, building construction. offers flat products needed in machinery, steel goods and similar sectors to the use of our industrialists in the requested type, size and quality.


Our vision

The solution-oriented approach is to create a company culture based on stability and honesty, to ensure customer satisfaction with service quality and to be the main supplier of flat products with our steel services and to become a brand in the sector.

Our Mission

To serve our customers with full honesty and loyalty by offering the right product at the right time in the right quality in the iron and steel industry.